Size Paper? 12″x 18″ minimum

Source Imagery? You take a picture of yourself or a family member. You  need to use a reflective surface. Glass, mirror, water, etc.

Medium? pencil or colored pencils

Qualities Evaluated On? Do you use the whole page? Do you have lots of detail? Did you use many of the Elements and Principles of Design? Are you focused on your work or often off-task.

Artist Example:

M.C. Escher
Example from South Stokes High School

Student Examples: Artsonia Gallery Student Examples


South Stokes High School

Measuring Student Learning

I have begun research to design my own B5 art room pre-test. Here are a few things I have found on my Pinterest board.

Of special note is a cool article, Making SLO’s manageable in the art room. and Using Pre & Post tests to Measure Student Growth all from the ARTofEd

A fun activity (though I hate the pop-up ads) is proprofs 25 question visual art pre-test

Krysta McRae, an art teacher suggested a pre-test include:

  • What are the 3 Primary Colors?
  • What are the 3 Secondary Colors?
  • What are the 6 Tertiary Colors?
  • What are the Warm Colors?
  • What are the Cool Colors?
  • Name the 3 sets of Complementary Colors.
  • What is a Still Life?
  • What is a Landscape?
  • What is a Portrait?
  • Draw and label three 2-D Shapes?
  • Draw and label three 3-D Shapes