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Washer Bracelet

Washer Bracelet

  • Cut 2 pieces of cord 13″ long of polyester cord
  • Use your stamped washer
  • Fold cord in half
  • Put loop through the hole and the ends through the loop
  • Put a simple knot at the end, trim the edges and burn them.
  • Cut a new 7″ pieces
  • Fold the 7″ piece in half and place over top the 13″ cord (take up the sides so they make a circle)
  • Using one end, of the 7″ piece, wrap it around the 2 -13″ cords as if you are wrapping a bow string.
  • After 3-4 wraps, take one end and pass it through the big circle and pull tight.
  • Cut and then burn ends so they don’t come undone.

Art Room Bootcamp’s

Here are some interesting links
Bootcamps –

Say yes to drawing tests –


Size Paper? 12″x 18″ minimum

Source Imagery? You take a picture of yourself or a family member. You  need to use a reflective surface. Glass, mirror, water, etc.

Medium? pencil or colored pencils

Qualities Evaluated On? Do you use the whole page? Do you have lots of detail? Did you use many of the Elements and Principles of Design? Are you focused on your work or often off-task.

Artist Example:

M.C. Escher

Example from South Stokes High School

Student Examples: Artsonia Gallery Student Examples


South Stokes High School

Measuring Student Learning

I have begun research to design my own B5 art room pre-test. Here are a few things I have found on my Pinterest board.

Of special note is a cool article, Making SLO’s manageable in the art room. and Using Pre & Post tests to Measure Student Growth all from the ARTofEd

A fun activity (though I hate the pop-up ads) is proprofs 25 question visual art pre-test

Krysta McRae, an art teacher suggested a pre-test include:

  • What are the 3 Primary Colors?
  • What are the 3 Secondary Colors?
  • What are the 6 Tertiary Colors?
  • What are the Warm Colors?
  • What are the Cool Colors?
  • Name the 3 sets of Complementary Colors.
  • What is a Still Life?
  • What is a Landscape?
  • What is a Portrait?
  • Draw and label three 2-D Shapes?
  • Draw and label three 3-D Shapes

TAB Blog Posts

I need help in transitioning my room to one that Teaches For Artistic Behaviors. Here are some good blogs & blog posts about TAB I need to read.

Prom Songs

Here are the songs from the 2012 prom:

Main Song: Summer Nights- Rascal Flatts

What winners are going to dance to: She’s My Kind of Rain- Tim McGraw

  • Rack City (clean)-Tyga
  • The Motto- Drake (clean)
  • Dance- Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj
  • Cashin Out- Cash out (clean)
  • UP – Love Rance (clean)
  • Birthday Cake- Rihanna (clean)
  • Blackout- breathe Carolina
  • Glad you came- the wanted
  • Starships- Nicki Minaj
  • Fishin’ in the dark- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • Wobble- VIC
  • Booty Work- T-Pain (clean)
  • WOP- J Dash (clean)
  • Ayy Ladies- Tyga ft. Travis Porter (clean)
  • Super Bass- Nicki Minaj (clean)
  • All the lights- Kanya West
  • God Gave me you- Blake Shelton
  • Angel eyes- Love and Theft
  • Dynamite- Taio Cruz
  • Club Can’t Handle me- Flo Rida
  • Take Care- Drake and Rihanna
  • The whistle song-Juelz Santana
  • TGIF- Katy Perry
  • International Love- Chris Brown and Pitbull
  • Wild Ones- Flo Rida ft. Sia
  • Summer love- Justin Timberlake
  • On the Floor- Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull
  • Just Dance- Lady Gaga
  • Ridin Solo- Jason Derulo
  • I like it- Enrique Iglesias

We need to figure out the 2015 prom songs!!