Printmaking Vocabulary: relief, lithography, intaglio, seriography, screen printing, burnish, positive, negative, screen, mesh, ink, spatula, edition, plate, block, press, reverse

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Smartboard Printmaking Links

Printmaking Links

Create a video on printmaking safety using either powtoon or youtube capture and post the link to the padlet below.
Video Topics could include:

  1. The four types of printmaking
  2. How to change a blade
  3.  How to iron your plate correctly
  4.  How to create a cut paper monoprint
  5.  How to print with watercolors and a press
  6.  How to safely cut your linoleum block
  7.  How to properly edition your plate.
  8.  How to print correctly
  9.  How to clean up correctly
  10.  How to transfer your image from the printed picture to the plate.

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