Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation introduces the student to the importance of art in today’s world and the purposes art has served from prehistoric through modern times in a variety of cultures both Western and non-Western.
At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to

  • Recognize and comment on different aspects of visual works such as painting, sculpture and architecture.
  • Recognize and describe elements and principles of design in any artwork.
  • Identify artists of the past and present and recognize and identify their works.
  • Relate works of art to their historical and cultural settings.
  • Express their own opinions through critique and discussion.

Homework and Reading Assignments: Students will read constantly, one or two chapters (if not more) per week in Art in Focus for discussion in class.  Homework assignments include a critique and an original artwork with an oral presentation.  In-class discussions are not graded for participation but are the basis for the essay questions on the tests.

Art Appreciation Syllabus

Art Appreciation Links

Art Appreciation Videos

18 Semester Week Art Appreciation Schedule

Week 1 Introduction Methodology Paleolithic/Neolithic
Week 2 Ancient Near East Ancient Egypt Ancient China (smarthistory video)
Week 3 Ancient Greece (smarthistory video) Ancient Olmec TEST #1
Week 4 Etruscan Ancient Rome Project 1 Assigned
Week 5 Ancient Rome Ancient India Test #2
Week 6 Ancient Rome Mesoamerica (slideshare) Project 1 Due
Week 7 Early Christian Jewish Art (quizlet) Byzantine (quizlet) Buddhist Architecture (slideshare)
Week 8 Early Medieval (quizlet) Islam Romanesque Review  (slideshare) MIDTERM EXAM
Week 9 Anglo-Saxon Gothic – French Late Gothic – Italian Project #2 Assigned
Week 10 Late Gothic – Northern Europe & Spain TEST #3
Week 11 Early & High Renaissance in Italy (Youtube playlist) Project #2 Due
Week 12 High Renaissance in Northern Europe & Spain
Week 13 Baroque and Rococo Impressionism Post Impressionism
Week 14 19th Century Art Japanese Woodcuts TEST #4
Week 15 Early 20th Century 1900-1945 Native American
Week 16 Modern Art American Architecture
Week 17 20th Century after 1945 African Art
Week 18 Review FINAL EXAM

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