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Assignments we have done in Art I are:
  • Blind Contour drawings
  • Contour drawings
  • Still Life
  • Learning how to draw an animal by breaking it down into geometric shapes
  • Self Portrait Grid drawings
  • Holiday cards

A cool switch up on the draw your hand lesson by EJ Gibbons:

#1. Draw your hand making or holding something to show off the one thing you can’t live without.

#2. Draw your hand and include a tattoo you’d love to get or one that shows off your dark side.

#3. Draw the contour of your hand but show an ex-ray version as though you were a cool cyborg or alien.

#4. Illustrate an allegory or idiom about hands (Below, hold your horses)

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Art 21 Episode #212: This episode features Joan Jonas drawing in her Manhattan studio, and on stage at the Umeå Jazz Festival in Sweden. “Drawing is like practicing the piano, because the first ones that I do often don’t come out so I have to practice,” says Jonas who handicaps herself by attaching her ink brushes and oil sticks to long rods or branches. “It’s almost accidental if they turn out.” While showing archived drawings of her dogs and an owl, Jonas discusses her interest in capturing an animal’s character through portraiture.

Working in performance, video, installation, sculpture, and drawing, Jonas finds inspiration in mythic stories, investing texts from the past with the politics of the present. Wearing masks and drawing while performing on stage, Jonas disrupts the conventions of theatrical storytelling to emphasize potent symbols and critical self-awareness.

Learn more about the artist at:

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