bot 035sSketchbook Choices and Ideas

You need to do at least one sketch per week in your sketch book. This should take between 45 and 60 minutes to do because the purpose of a sketch book is to make you look harder at things, use your imagination, and explore ideas and techniques that interest, challenge, and stimulate you. You will find that practice does indeed pay off and your confidence in your abilities will increase proportionally to the amount of effort and care you put into your work. Full shading is expected, as are details. Use of Colored Pencils or other materials like pen and ink or your own favorites are fine! This is your place to experiment and grow! Remember you’re only limited by your own imagination. Your sketchbook will be turned in every two weeks.

Sketchbook Ideas:

  • Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Fish
  • Junk food with wrapper
  • Part of a vehicle
  • Instead of a hand… your foot (no socks or shoe)
  • Something not pretty
  • An interior of something (once a student did the inside of a jar of peanut butter)
  • Inside of closet
  • Three unlikely objects together
  • Your Mother’s/Father’s/ Grandparents choice
  • Part of any object (mystery draw)
  • Illustrate your favorite poem
  • The contents of a trash can
  • Drawing of a house plant (real or artificial)
  • An object with a surface texture.
  • Tools used in certain professions
  • Tennis shoe
  • A grouping of leaves
  • Something you might find in a department store display
  • A large jar and fill it up with something (candy, toys, rock, etc)
  • A school desk
  • Your favorite snack food
  • An object melting
  • A bowl of fruit, shade it.
  • Hands holding something
  • A mechanical object
  • Vegetable Gardens/ Macro Dissected Vegetable or Fruit
  • Animal Portraits
  • Pet Portraits
  • Sketches of Landscapes from Photographs or Sites
  • Self Portrait in Mirror
  • Self Portrait from Old Picture
  • Sketches from Collages
  • Fashion Designs
  • Your room
  • Stuffed Animals
  • A plant with a lot of detail


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