Many folks ask what supplies do I need to start a jewelry program at my high school. Here is a suggested list of supplies and tools I have found on facebook.

  • bench pin
  • jewelers saw & blades (2/0 1/0)
  • leather stamps
  • metal stamps
  • MAAP gas torches
  • pliers
  • x-actos
  • rivet gun
  • hammers
  • rawhide mallets
  • round and flat pliers
  • copper printmaking plates or copper from roofing supply company (make sure it’s not coated)
  • needle files
  • steel wool
  • drill or flexible shaft
  • table top anvil
  • bees wax

A few jewelry ideas I received from my art teacher friends on facebook.

  1. start with braiding hemp cord
  2.  polymer clay beads
  3.  beads & charms
  4.  paper & clay beads,
  5.  wire wrapping
  6. leather stamping
  7. shrink art/plastics
  8. metal cutting
  9. fused glass & enameling
  10. Make a brooch using cold connection (rivets). Make a design and cut it out (we did animals) then a background shape. This will teach you how to cut, file, sand, and polish. Then drill holes and use wire to make rivets. – Jennifer Huls Heidrick
  11. Incorporate  costume jewelry and other household items such as discarded mechanical parts, glass, along with your metal clays? Students can ask the community to donate items that aren’t being used at home. – Patti Wright
  12. Make jewelry out of soda cans
  13. Cold connections such as riveting and attaching elements with non-soldered jump rings are good choices. These would require saws, hammers, pliers, and steel block (all jewelry quality), but would not require torches. – John Gresons
  14. Precious metal clay ($$$)
  15. Copper etching with ferris chloride PCB etching solution found in Radio Shack. read about it on line. You draw the image, paint it with model car enamel paint, cover the back with paint submerge in the solution. When etched clean off all paint with green plastic scrub pads. – Donna Maske
  16. Cuttlebone casting with pewter
  17. Bologna Sandwich Casting
  18. Copper Enamel
  19. Making bracelets & rings out of old silverware
  20. Make something with a hole in it
  21. combine 2 different materials

The Art of Education and Abby Schucel has the following jewelry ideas:

  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Resin Jewelry
  • Paper Pendants
  • Clay Beads and Pendants
  • Glass Fusing
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