“TAB is not a degree of choice that can be measured on a scale but rather a method for showing students how artists work and create art. Yes, a TAB teachers incorporate choice but they teach for artistic behaviors. This is TAB at the HS level.” Ian Sands

From Ian Sands:
Artists Observe
Artists seek Inspiration
Artists are Self learners
Artists Engage
Artists Synthesize
Artists Collaboration
Artist have a style
Artists tell stories.
Artists impact their communities.
Artists are global.
Artists support other artists
Artists collect
Artists research
Artists experiment
Artists the viewer think
Artists repurpose
Artist solve Problems
Artist perseverance
Artists make a difference
Artists educate
Artists document/record
Artists take risks
Artists see
Artists share themselves
Artists explore a theme
Artists are self promoters
Artists develop a “flow”
Artists reflect
Artists are attuned to their environment
Artists play with materials
Artists work with what they are given
Artists curate
Artists steal
Artists Observe
Create Original Art
Developed Art Making Skills
Communicate Through My Work.
Take Risks
Artists Collaborate
Have a Global Awareness of Art Making
Develop a Style
Artists Question
Artists Transform
Artist are Entrepreneurs
Artist Create Temporary Art
Artists Pay Tribute


“Era taught us – that students learn better when they are engaged through experience to find their passion, the relevance of education. For those of you who have yet to watch this engagement unfold in a classroom or lab, an art studio or a visit to a stream or farm, it is a beautiful thing to see.” #edjourney: A roadmap to the future of education

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