Washer Bracelet

  • Cut 2 pieces of cord 13″ long of polyester cord
  • Use your stamped washer
  • Fold cord in half
  • Put loop through the hole and the ends through the loop
  • Put a simple knot at the end, trim the edges and burn them.
  • Cut a new 7″ pieces
  • Fold the 7″ piece in half and place over top the 13″ cord (take up the sides so they make a circle)
  • Using one end, of the 7″ piece, wrap it around the 2 -13″ cords as if you are wrapping a bow string.
  • After 3-4 wraps, take one end and pass it through the big circle and pull tight.
  • Cut and then burn ends so they don’t come undone.

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